Candidatos a gobernador jalisco 2024

pablo lemus propuestas

**Expansion of Light Rail**: Our plan involves extending Line 3 to Tesistán, Line 2 to Tonalá, and Line 1 to San Agustín in Tlajomulco. This expansion will significantly enhance connectivity and accessibility within the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area.

**Intercity Train at Av. Inglaterra**: We aim to establish an intercity train connecting Tala with the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, offering efficient transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

**New Mi Macro Line to the Airport**: We propose the construction of a new Mi Macro Line to facilitate convenient and seamless travel to and from the airport, promoting tourism and economic growth.

**The Best State Highway System**

**100% Renewed Network**: Our commitment involves the complete renewal of the state highway network, ensuring safer and smoother journeys for all commuters.

**Roads Guarded with State Highway Police**: To enhance security on our roads, we will deploy the new State Highway Police to monitor and maintain safety, prioritizing assistance over fines.

**New State System of Support for the Countryside**

**Heavy Machinery, Credit, and Financing**: We will provide essential support to producers and farmers through the provision of heavy machinery, credit facilities, and financing options, fostering growth and sustainability in rural areas.

**Our Proposal for the Best Healthcare System in Mexico**

**Jalisco Health Insurance**: We will launch a massive campaign to enroll more individuals in Jalisco Health Insurance, ensuring access to quality healthcare for those without social security coverage.

**Recruitment of Specialist Doctors**: To address healthcare needs effectively, we will recruit additional specialist doctors across all regions, improving access to specialized medical services.

**Medicine Availability**: We are committed to maintaining at least 90% availability of essential medicines, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to vital treatments for all residents.

**Infrastructure Development**: We plan to convert the Regional Hospital of Zapotlán el Grande into a specialized Women's Hospital, in addition to constructing new regional hospitals, a pediatric hospital, and a community hospital, enhancing healthcare infrastructure across Jalisco.

**Comprehensive Programs**: We will continue and strengthen programs for childhood cancer care, type 1 diabetes management, mental health, and addiction care, ensuring comprehensive healthcare services for all age groups.

**Innovative Solutions**: Harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence, we will bolster our real-time epidemiological surveillance system to effectively monitor and respond to health threats.

**The Best Education for Our Children**

**Recovery of Full-time Schools**: We are dedicated to reinstating full-time schooling to support working parents and provide a conducive learning environment for students.

**Renovated Schools**: Our initiative includes renovating public schools to world-class standards, offering students access to high-quality education facilities.

**Nurseries and Children's Rooms**: We will establish nurseries and children's rooms to provide safe and nurturing environments for young children while their parents work or study.

**Tablets for Education**: To equip students with the best tools for learning, we will provide tablets to children in basic education, empowering them to excel academically and prepare for future endeavors.

**State Network of Beehive Centers and Sports Units**

**Cultural and Sports Promotion**: We will establish equipped and first-class spaces across Jalisco to promote culture, arts, and sports, fostering creativity, talent, and healthy lifestyles in our communities.

**"Pulse of Life" Devices**: Ensuring the safety of women is paramount to us. We will implement "Pulse of Life" devices throughout Jalisco to provide immediate assistance to women at risk of violence, offering peace of mind and rapid response in emergency situations.

**Disclaimer**: The proposals outlined above represent our vision and commitment to creating a better future for the people of Jalisco. Implementation will require collaborative efforts and continuous evaluation to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

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